Trade-in of the house: when is it convenient?

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What are the advantages of real estate trade-in?
The trade-in of the house allows you to save on notary fees.
If you sell your old flat to buy a new one, you have to enter into two separated sales contracts, paying twice the notary fees.
Instead, with the real estate trade-in, the deed to sign is only one because you exchange a property with another. Usually, the expenses are divided in half between the parts, who have all the interests to save on this type of costs.

What are the risks?
The greatest risk faced by who choose the trade-in of the house is to have on the back a property with a lien or a mortgage. In this case, the real estate trade-in is a little more difficult, because the property before to be offer in exchange must be free from liens or morgages.
This is not always a simple and quickly task, but with the help of a good notary you will be able to avoid this type of risk.

The real estate trade-in is very convenient when:
👉🏻 your property is worth less than the property you receive in exchange.
👉🏻 the properties have the same value.

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